How to Eat on a Carnivore Diet While Dining Out

Carnivore Diet


Following a carnivore diet, which focuses on consuming animal-based foods, can be challenging when dining out. However, with careful planning and awareness of available options, it is possible to maintain a carnivore diet even when eating at restaurants. In this article, we will explore 10 tips for eating on a carnivore diet while dining out, providing practical strategies to help you make informed choices and enjoy your meals.

Research the restaurant’s menu in advance

Before dining out, research the restaurant’s menu online to determine if they offer suitable carnivore-friendly options. Look for dishes featuring meat, seafood, or eggs as the main component, and make a note of any potential modifications you may need to request.

Communicate your dietary preferences to the server

When ordering, inform the server about your dietary preferences and restrictions. Politely request any necessary modifications to your chosen dish, such as removing sauces, dressings, or plant-based side dishes, and replacing them with carnivore-friendly alternatives.

Opt for simple dishes

When dining out on a carnivore diet, it is often best to choose simple dishes with minimal ingredients. This makes it easier to identify and eliminate any non-carnivore items, reducing the risk of accidentally consuming plant-based foods or hidden sugars.

Order extra protein

As a carnivore dieter, your primary focus is on consuming protein-rich animal products. To ensure you receive an adequate amount of protein and feel satisfied, consider ordering extra meat, seafood, or eggs with your meal.

Carnivore Diet

Request modifications for side dishes

Many restaurants serve plant-based side dishes as standard accompaniments to their main courses. Politely request modifications to these sides, such as substituting vegetables with additional meat or a side salad without dressing.

Avoid sauces and dressings

Sauces and dressings can contain hidden sugars, unhealthy fats, and other non-carnivore ingredients. Whenever possible, request your meal to be served without sauce or dressing, or ask for it on the side to control the amount used.

Choose grilled, broiled, or roasted options

When selecting a protein source, opt for grilled, broiled, or roasted options, as these cooking methods typically use fewer added ingredients and are more carnivore-friendly. Avoid deep-fried or breaded dishes, which may contain plant-based ingredients or unhealthy fats.

Be mindful of alcohol consumption

If you choose to consume alcohol while dining out, opt for low-carb options such as dry wines, spirits with club soda, or neat liquor. Be mindful of your alcohol consumption, as excessive intake can interfere with your carnivore diet goals and overall health.

Carnivore Diet

Stick to water or unsweetened beverages

To maintain your carnivore diet while dining out, stick to water or unsweetened beverages such as black coffee or unsweetened tea. Avoid sugary drinks, sodas, and fruit juices, which can contain hidden sugars and non-carnivore ingredients.

Be prepared to ask questions

If you are unsure about a particular dish or ingredient, do not hesitate to ask the server for clarification. Being proactive and asking questions can help you make informed choices and ensure you maintain your carnivore diet while dining out.


Dining out while following a carnivore diet can be challenging, but with careful planning, communication, and awareness of available options, it is possible to enjoy a delicious and satisfying meal. By researching menus, making informed choices, and requesting necessary modifications, you can maintain your carnivore diet while dining out and continue to reap the benefits of this unique dietary approach.

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